Music is life is a new community network for musicians ans listeners of music to show their musical artwork. These days we've created a fresh new page for listeners and musicians to drop their vibes." SInce December 2020.

Music is life - it's a Personality©

The music is life symbol shows the look of a person wearing headphones. But if your look again you will see a personal aircraft to bring your music around the world. We wish that everyone can become a superstar in their music career - because "Music is life - it's a personality©"


Our Social Music Network

Listeners, Producers, Artists, Musicians, or Record Labels or anyone who is into music.

*Music is life - award©

This badge is for best song/act/sound.

"Kart Legends"

Those who achieved a lot in any  Mario kart game.

You are free to show your skills on the free page.

Just submit any mariokart video and become part of the Kart Legends... 

VAJ - "Make that Jump - Come on".

Founder: Vincent Tolhuis